Tiny House Cost Sharing

We the Tiny House people believe in smart alternatives. Cuvrr offers an insurance alternative that fits your values and saves you money. Protect your Tiny Home by joining a community of like-minded individuals and bypass centralized insurance


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Superior Benefits

Actual Protection

Unlike insurance, we help you protect your house.  Talk with our Tiny House Experts and our community for more details.

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Instead of 70 pages of fine print and exceptions, we keep things simple, so you know exactly what your share gets you.

Peace of Mind

Know that you’re protected and that you aren’t wasting money perpetuating a broken system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this insurance?

No, it’s better.  This is NOT insurance.  You are joining a cost sharing community.  For more details visit our Learn More Section to see how Cuvrr works and why it is not insurance. 

What is covered?

As a member, you will be able to have your expenses shared with the community for damages to your Tiny Home, personal property, and belongings. Roof damage from a tree or wind? Flood damage? Fire damage? Stuff stolen? House stolen? Yep, those are the type of things the community helps you pay for. Ask to see our one page explanation on what benefits your share gets you.  

Is there a deductible?

Deductible is an insurance term.  We have something similar called an initial unsharable amount.  Your plan may or may not have one.

What is not covered?

Similar to insurance, some expenses are not eligible for sharing.  Examples would be liability (this one is temporary), routine maintenance, normal wear and tear, neglect, and damage from renovation or contractors. Ask to see our one page explanation on what benefits your share gets you.  

Do you offer Liability sharing?

We hope to be offering sharing for Liability expenses in the near future as we grow.

Do you have capital reserves?

Cuvrr itself does not carry any capital reserves like traditional insurance.  Instead, individual shares go into personal accounts where they stay and wait, committed to cover current and future needs until needed.
We had to start somewhere, though, so our first sharing member needed to commit a share amount sufficient to cover the entire cost of replacing a Tiny House.   

What guarantee do I have that my needs will be reimbursed?

We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the smooth and painless process for getting reimbursements. But, we get it…  Insurance has put a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.  We need regulations to keep them honest.  You and us both know that insurance companies have the ability to pay our claims, but sometimes lack the willpower to help us out at their expense. 

At Cuvrr, we have shifted the incentives around so you don’t have to worry about us profiting from denying legitimate needs.  We will do everything in our power to make sure you get the help you deserve. If the admin denies reimbursement of your need and you object, you can appeal to your peers in the community.  A small group of them will be chosen to make a determination that can overturn admin’s decision. 

Is this as secure as insurance?

We think this is more secure!  You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure you get the reimbursements you are counting on from the network.

Cost sharing comes with some minor technical risks.  We cannot guarantee payment, but only because this is a voluntary network of peers. That means that if all members decided to quit next month, there wouldn’t be any shares to cover an existing need. 

Also, a contractual guarantee of payment from Cuvrr would make this insurance. Instead, current members pay a share that goes towards current needs in exchange for future membership. 

Can my Tiny House be self-built?

Definitely.  We have some procedures for all tiny houses that help us guage the quality and safety of a build.  We welcome self-built tiny houses and hope to help you protect the equity you have built with your own hands.

Why should I trust Cuvrr to protect my Tiny House?

When you trust Cuvrr, you are trusting the power of a community of individuals just like you. 

We have the Tiny House experience necessary to help protect your house. We starting out building Tiny Homes and Tiny House Communities.  We have moved Tiny Houses ourselves and hired others to do it for us. We have inspected many houses personally and know our way in and out of all types of builds.  

Does this cover my Tiny House during a move?

Moves are particularly dangerous for Tiny Houses.  You can cover moves at an extra cost, and we would be happy to be involved to make sure your move is as safe as possible. If you intend to move your Tiny House, contact us as soon as possible.  We can help you choose a shipper, or you can use one of ours.  We can help you make sure the shipper you use is protected.  We can help you in many ways! We have moved many Tiny Houses.

How do I pay my monthly Share?

You will get instructions on the exact options of how to pay.  It is as easy and simple as an automatic subscription or auto-bill-pay.  Alternatively, if you are a cryptocurrency nerd like us, you can pay with crypto or our native token.

How do I make a claim?

Give us a call or chat with us online. The process is quick and painless. Eventually you will be able to do this in an app in a matter of seconds.

How does Cuvrr make money?

We make money by taking a small fee from each share.  Most important, we do not keep the funds if a claim is denied.  

Blockchain? Cryptocurrency?

Cuvrr’s cost sharing network is powered by Blockchain and Smart Contracts.  This is all done in the background and you do not have to understand them to be a part of the network. It’s definitely complicated, but we would be happy to have a conversation and answer all your questions. We have nothing to hide. Give us a call or drop us a line in the chat.  You can also join in the conversation on our Facebook group, or our Discord Channel.

The above Tiny House was the first one to be a part of Cuvrr. See it’s AirBNB listing here.

Our Customers

“Tiny house insurance shouldn’t cost as much as regular house insurance. I’m glad to finally have another option.”

“The best thing about what you do is that it is not insurance. No one likes insurance. But I have to have something for my Tiny House. Now I know I’m not getting taken to the cleaners every month!”

“Seriously. Why did this cost sharing thing take so long for us to figure out?”