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We think we can save 30-60% when compared to insurance.  Savings will be realized in three ways.  Firstly, your upfront share should be lower than a comparable insurance premium. Secondly, you get rewarded when you help save the community money.  Thirdly, excess funds among all our individual capital reserve accounts will remain in your wallet.


Medical sharing should see the most significant savings.  We estimate at least 50-60% with an optimistic goal of 80-90%.
Compare $550 vs $1200 

Home Owners

Currently, you can share expenses from your home, only if you don’t have a loan (banks require traditional insurance).
Compare $100 vs $150


Renters can share expenses related to theft and damage to personal belongings in an apartment or other rental. 
Compare $20 vs $45 


Coming soon. Register your interest.

Business and Umbrella

Coming soon. Register your interest.


May be paired with minimal insurance to meet regulations.

Our Community Members

“Seriously, why has this taken us so long to figure out? Insurance has been so bad for literally centuries. Happy to be saving money and actually paying for what the actual risk costs.”

“If you have any doubts, just talk to someone. They are so nice and always answer my questions.  It’s nice to not feel like a nuissance.”

“This will really help our healthcare system.  Prices have gotten so bloated because no one cares to ask how much something costs anymore. Your portion of the “negotiated” insurance rates are often higher than the cash price. Why?!  I’m done with paying for that system.“

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