How Does Cuvrr Work?

Cuvrr uses Blockchain to create a decentralized  sharing network.  Your individual shares (similar to a premium) are deposited to your wallet and when needed, are sent directly to members with approved needs.

On the front end it’s as simple as automatic bill-pay. Behind the scenes, Smart Contracts manage the details.  Share amounts goes into personal accounts, which make up the decentralized capital reserve for the entire system.

Needs are shared proportionally from everyone’s wallets.

Insurance was supposed to be communities coming together in times of need. At some point that vision was lost... Until now.

How Is This Better than Insurance? 

  • 30-60% savings.
  • No network to be “out of.” (Choose from all providers.)
  • Super fast payouts.
  • Share doesn’t increase with claims.
  • Aligned incentives for all.
  • A community of support.
  • Feel good about getting covered! 

Reconnecting The Consumers And Prices

We believe you should be directly in charge of the choices and costs for your needs.  

With Cuvrr you are incentivized to act responsibly. You benefit from getting favorable prices and discounts

Traditional insurance removes our connection to price, so we have little incentive to ask or shop around. In the end, we collectively pay the rising costs.

Vision for the Future

We see a world where risk management is affordable again. Where the market forces are alive, and consumers control their own services and providers.

How The Community Works

The power of Cuvrr is in the individual members of our community.

Committed Members

We are committed to each other. Members agree to act with integrity and responsibility.  We all leave behind the old habits and attitudes encouraged and perpetuated by the old  insurance system.

Community and Customer Support

Join an actual community of members from around the world and in your area.  Together we share our knowledge and experience to benefit the group.  And when you need help, you can always get help from a human.

Technology Unites Us

Blockchain unites our combined financial ability to help each other.  Online tools allow us to connect as a community and share our experience and insight with each other.

No Conflicts of Interest

Cuvrr is committed to making sure all of us have the right incentives. Cuvrr is not incentivized against you. Members directly benefit when they act responsibly. 

Simple and Concise Rules

We can all work together if we all know the rules.  Gone are the days of tricky fine print and endless legal exceptions.  We keep our documentation simple and short.

Together We Save

When we work together with a unified commitment to each other, we all reap the benefits.  With traditional insurance, it’s a no-win situation. With Cuvrr it’s Win-Win! 

More Questions?

Chat box is at the bottom right.  Join our online communities. Or find more options on the Contact Page.