2021 & Beyond

Disrupt a broken Industry

Our goal is to facilitate the shift to sustainable risk management and to heal the industries that are suffering from the toxic effects of modern insurance.   Automation, AI, IoT, and Machine Learning will be integrated with data collection and risk assessment. Overcoming the regulatory obstacles in Auto, Home, and Health will be a strong focus.

Developing and Expanding

Our team will grow as we seek partners and developers. We’re building out the UI/UX of our platform from the ground up. As development resources and capital reserves reach sufficient levels we will be opening up new market verticals. We’re looking at Health, Renters, Business, Life.  

Q4 2020

Q3 2020


A perfect starter industry presents itself.  Pieces fall into place, as financial and strategic partners help us fast track the launch of the network.  On August 1st our first contract is created. The first Risk Pool is live.


We refined a Minimum Viable Product after rehashing important aspects like regulation, usability, adoption, decentralization, etc.  



Concept takes shape

With the insurance and healthcare industries in a declining state, we had long been searching for an alternative solution to cover uncertainty.  The concepts for Cuvrr came together as we studied Blockchain use-cases and reflected on the relative success of Medical Cost Sharing groups.